User / Group Mapping Template 

XPlica uses user / group mapping template to replace the unavailable users / groups with valid / new SharePoint users / groups when assigning user / groups or permissions for the folder / document during content migration from one SharePoint environment to another. You can use this mapping template for all Person or Group fields in SharePoint.

To create a new user / group mapping template, select New from the Templates Tools pane. The new template dialog will appear as shown below:

Enter unique template name for the template. Select User / Group Mapping under the list of available template groups and click Save button. The new template will be added under User / Group Mapping node in template tree view as shown below:

XPlica user / group mapping template enables you to load the list of users / groups from various sources, either by clicking the appropriate hyperlinks or load users / groups menu as shown below:

Description: \\vsswks4\XPlica help\Source\images\xplica-template-manager\xplica-user-mapping\load-options\from-site-collection-toolstrip.png

Available options to load users / groups

1.    Load from Site Collection

2.    Load from file

3.    Load from domain controller

Once you select the option and provide the appropriate inputs for source and target user , the list of users / groups are displayed on the respective  users / groups list pane as shown below:


Select the appropriate source user / group from the source users / groups list and select the target user / group to replace from the list of available target users / groups. Finally, click Map button to map the users / groups.

Select All Unresolved Users from source user/group combobox to map all unresolved / unavailable users from source SharePoint to a valid user in target SharePoint.

You also have the option to enter the user / group names in the respective textboxes and finally, click Map button to map. Once you click Map button, selected user / group are mapped and the mapped user pair is displayed in the user / group mapping pane as shown below:




Delete All

Click Delete All to clear the entire user / group mapping.


Click Delete to delete the selected user pair from mapping.