XPlica Template Manager

XPlica provides various templates such as domain mapping template, user / group mapping template, column mapping template,reference columns, favourite columns, column definitions and site and list template mapping. These templates can be configured and saved using XPlica Template Manager tool. XPlica Template Manager tool available under Templates Menu in the Task Manager will help you manage various templates.


XPlica Template Manager consists of two panes along with toolbar to manage templates.

  1. Template Tree Pane
  2. Template List Pane

Template Tree Pane

Template tree pane contains seven parent nodes (groups) representing the template groups provided by XPlica. The templates created by users are listed out as sub-node for these parent nodes according to the nature of the template. By default XPlica provides two templates under column mapping node, namely 'SharePoint Default' and 'XPlica Default'. These column mapping templates cannot be edited but can be saved in a different template name for further customization under column mapping group. Also template related operations can be performed by using template actions toolbar.


Template Actions Toolbar

Template actions toolbar contains all the commands (or actions) to work with the various templates





Click New to create a new template. For more information, click Create a new template


Click Save to save the changes made to the selected template.


Click Delete to delete a template from the list. For more information, click Deleting templates


Click Copy to copy an existing template in a different name. For more information, click Copy an existing template


Template List Pane

Template list pane displays the all available templates. It provides the information configured in the template about the selected template in template tree pane. Templates can be configured by using the appropriate options available for the selected template.

Also refer XPlica Templates section for more information.