Unique Column Values

XPlica uses unique column value templates to allow users to define reference columns for lists based on list template types. Reference column is used to determine the existence of list items to specify the action to be taken by XPlica when a list item with the same name already exists in the destination location.

To create a new column definition select New from the Templates Tools pane. The new template dialog will appear as shown below:

Enter unique template name for the template. Select 'Reference Columns' under the list of available template groups and click Save button. The new template will be added under Unique Column Values node in template tree view as shown below:

Specify the List Type and Reference Column in the respective text boxes and click Add Column button to add the pair to the columns list as shown below: You can also specify list URL / list Name in the List Name / List URL textbox along with the reference column in the Reference Column textbox.

Click Load Defaults button to load default list types and reference columns.




Click Delete to delete a mapped data from the Reference columns list.

Delete All

Click Delete All to clear the Reference columns.