Add new Column to the Column Mapping

New... - Click New... Button to add a new column to the column mapping :


Once you click the button, Add New Column dialog will appear as shown below:

In Add New Column dialog, enter target SharePoint column name. You can use (...) button to browse for the SharePoint columns. For more information, click Browse SharePoint Columns.

Select a source type (Mapping Sources) like From Source SharePoint, Metadata File, Specific Value, Destination Default) and enter the corresponding value.

Specify a suitable alternate value option (Use SharePoint Default or Use Value) to be used if the original source type value fails.It is applicable only for Special Fields.

Click Add to favorites to add the column to the list of favorite columns.

Click Add Button to add the custom column to the mapping. Click Close to close the dialog.

Edit Column in the Column Mapping

Edit... - Click Edit Button to edit the existing mapped column(s). You can edit both the system and custom SharePoint columns.


Select a default SharePoint column of a folder or file / item or any custom column entry from the list and click Edit button in the column mapping button pane or press Enter key. Edit Column dialog will appear as shown below:

Change the source type (Mapping Sources), alternate value accordingly and click Set value to save the settings. Click Close to close the dialog.

You can use up-down arrows to change the mapping settings for the columns available above or below in the column list.

Click here for details on how to edit the mapping of SharePoint System columns like Folder/File Name, Created Date, Modified Date, Created By, Modified By, Content Approval, Document Set / Content Type.

Delete Column from the Column Mapping

Delete - Click Delete Button to delete the selected column mapping entry in the column mapping pane.


Note : Delete Button will be enabled only if a custom column is selected in the column mapping.