Browse SharePoint Columns

This tool helps you browse SharePoint columns from a library / list and add it to the column mapping template. This tool enables you to select SharePoint columns by connecting to a list / library to eliminate any errors in constructing column mapping templates.


Click (...) button or Browse button, then Browse Columns dialog will appear as shown below:


Specify a valid SharePoint site / list URL in the URL textbox. You can also specify a SharePoint Online site / list URL in the textbox.


Specify the user credentials to connect to the SharePoint URL using the options given below.

a.    Use the following credential to connect to SharePoint -  Connect to SharePoint URL using the user context stored in the user profile (OR) enter the user name in any ONE of the following formats: <DOMAIN NAME>\<USER NAME>, UserName@DomainName, UserName and its corresponding password. XPlica will initiate Windows authentication or Forms authentication depending on configuration in the target SharePoint site. Click Next button to proceed.

b.    Use federated authentication (Web Single Sign-on) to connect to SharePoint - Connect to a SharePoint site (SharePoint On-premise or SharePoint Online) using federated identity configured using ADFS. Also, select this option to connect to Office 365 SharePoint Online configured using federated identity provider.

To connect to Office 365's SharePoint Online environment, you can use Web Single Sign-on option for both Cloud Identity (Office 365 Online User Credential e.g., and Federated Identity (configured via ADFS e.g.,   


Upon clicking Connect button, you will be prompted for login credentials (username and password) as shown below:


Enter User ID and Password in the respective textboxes and click Sign in button to proceed.


The list of libraries and lists that are available in the specified URL will be shown in the Available Libraries / List view. Select a library / list from the list. The corresponding SharePoint columns that are available in the selected library / list are displayed in the available Columns list. Select the desired columns that you would like to use in the column mapping template.


Click OK button to add the columns.