Web Single Sign-on Dashboard

Web Single Sign-on Dashboard helps you verify the connectivity status for a claims-enabled SharePoint site. The persistent connection ensures that XPlica can execute the migration  task in unattended mode or scheduled mode using the already established connection for the SharePoint sites. XPlica uses Web Single Sign-on framework to eliminate providing username and password to connect to SharePoint as long as the connection is already available for the site.

Shared Credential

A Shared Credential is nothing but a credential that can be accessed by any claim-aware applications such as Internet Explorer, XPlica, etc. The shared credential is a combination of user name and password stored / used in a secured manner within the current Windows user profile. You can create the shared credential by selecting Keep me signed in option in the login dialog. If the shared credential is already available in the current Windows user profile, Web Single Sign-on uses this credential to access the SharePoint site unless the cookie is deleted.

The shared credential will be very useful when you are trying to perform the following migration tasks in scheduled manner using XPlica:

  • Migrating contents into SharePoint site using Federated Authentication / Claims Authentication
  • Migrating contents into SharePoint Online in Office 365 that uses federated identity configured using ADFS.

The shared credential persists for all subsequent logon sessions on the same computer where XPlica is installed unless the federation service treats it as expired or if the cookie is deleted from the computer.

The shared credential by nature is restricted to the Windows user profile context only. The shared credential is accessible only by the same user in the same computer. The shared credential can be removed by deleting the cookies using Internet Explorer.


Launch Web Single Sign-on Dashboard tool using Tools menu or Click to check session status hyperlink in XPlica Task Wizard.



The Web Single Sign-on Dashboard dialog will be shown as below:


In order to verify the connectivity status of a site, provide the site URL in the text box and click Connect button to commence the authentication process.



If there is no shared credential available for the SharePoint site, you will be prompted for user credentials automatically as shown below:


Provide the user name and password in the respective text box. Select Keep me signed-in option to create the shared credential and establish a persistent connection. Click Sign-in.

Description: Description: D:\My Documents\temp\DocKIT Help Files\DocKIT v6.2\images\web-sso-credential-loaded.png


Once the authentication process is finished, the connectivity status will be shown as below:


Henceforth, the shared credential can be used to connect to the federated SharePoint site by XPlica until the connectivity is closed or cookies are deleted.


Click Close button to close Web Single Sign-on Dashboard dialog.