Test XPlica Server Agent Existence
XPlica Server Agent component is a optional server-side component of XPlica software. This component must be installed on SharePoint 2007 / SharePoint 2010 / Sharepoint 2013 / Sharepoint 2016 servers only. Read System Requirements section carefully before installing this component. You must install XPlica Server Agent component package in the SharePoint server, if you would like to perform the following operations in SharePoint without any glitches:
  • To create sites, lists, content types and list columns
  • To perform Quick Migration of SharePoint repositories such as site collections, sites or sub-webs, lists and folders etc.,
  • Propagate Created Date, Last Modified Date, Created By and, Modified By field values
  • Assign Content Approval Status & Comments
  • Assign Target Audiences (Global Audience group or Security/Distribution group)
  • Update Business data / External data fields
  • Update Managed Metadata fields
  • Create Document Sets

Note: Current version of XPlica performs the above stated operations in SharePoint without XPlica Server Agent component but with some limitations. For more information, see About XPlica .


Select Test XPlica Server Agent from Tools menu


The Test XPlica Server Agent dialog appears as shown below:



Specify a valid SharePoint URL in the URL textbox to verify XPlica Server Agent existence in the SharePoint Server.

4. Specify the Authentication type and user credentials to connect to the SharePoint URL using the options given below :  

  Specify the Authentication Type
  • Windows
  • Forms
  • Office 365 Cloud Identity
  • Federated Identity

Connect to the SharePoint URL using the specified user credentials. Enter the user name in any ONE of the following formats: <DOMAIN NAME>\<USER NAME>, UserName@DomainName, UserName and its corresponding password. For example, johndoe@contoso.com, contoso\johndoe, johndoe.


Specify a valid port number in the Port Number textbox to verify the XPlica Server Agent status for Quick Content Migration.

6. Click Verify button to test the existence of XPlica Server Agent in the destination SharePoint Server. When clicking this button, XPlica connects to the specified SharePoint server and checks the availability of XPlica Server Agent component. XPlica will display the Server Agent Status as below:

You can verify whether XPlica Server Agent is installed in the destination SharePoint Server using the icon representation displayed in the bottom of 'Test XPlica Server Agent' dialog as described in the table below:
Availability Status Remarks
  This implies that XPlica Server Agent is installed in the SharePoint farm of the specified SharePoint URL and the service status is started.
This implies that XPlica Server Agent is installed in the SharePoint farm of the specified SharePoint URL, but the corresponding sub-agent is stopped. This status is applicable for Quick Migrator Agent only. Start the XPlica Server Agent with specific port in the front-end web servers to use SharePoint Quick Content Migration (Batch File Mode) task option.
This implies that XPlica Server Agent is not installed in the SharePoint farm of the specified SharePoint URL. Install XPlica Server Agent on all front-end web servers and application servers in the target SharePoint farm using the appropriate XPlica Server Agent setup.