Task Manager - Introduction 

XPlica for SharePoint uses a task oriented interface to manage the document / list item and metadata migration tasks in SharePoint. XPlica Task Manager in the main application window will help you manage XPlica migration tasks and their corresponding task history. XPlica Task Manager provides menus and tools to work with the migration tasks in a simple and elegant manner.

XPlica Task Manager contains a standard menu bar and toolbar along with four panes to manage XPlica migration task effectively:

  1. Task List pane
  2. Task Properties pane
  3. Task Details pane
  4. Task History pane
Standard menu bar and toolbar

Standard menu bar and toolbar contain all the commands (or actions) to work with a XPlica migration task.

Task List:

Task List pane contains all migration tasks created by the user. Task related operations such as Edit Task, Copy Task, Delete Task and Run Now can be performed based on the selected task in the Task List pane. The remaining panes will change their content based on the selected task. Total task count will be displayed at the top of the banner.

Task Properties:

Task Properties pane displays the information about the currently selected task in Task List pane. It provides information about Task Name, Task Type, Created On and Last Modified On. If the currently selected task is setup to run using a Windows Scheduled Task (setup to run at a scheduled time), then the Task Properties adds additional information about schedule task such as Run As and Last Run status etc.

Task Details:

Task Details pane displays the task settings about currently selected task in Task List pane.

Task History:

Task History pane maintains every task run information as a list. It displays the required information about task execution status. It displays Task's Start Time, End Time, Elapsed Time and Remarks.