Run a task

XPlica 'Run Now' feature allows the user to instantiate a task anytime after the task has been created. To run a migration task:


Select a task from Task List pane.


Click Run Now  from XPlica main screen.

Or Select Run Now from Task menu

Or Press Ctrl + R key


Click Yes in Run Now confirmation message box shown below:

4. The Credential Dialog will appear as shown below. The given credential will be used to connect to the SharePoint site.


If either of the source SharePoint or destination SharePoint is configured using federated identity(ADFS), then the Credential dialog will appear as shown below:


For Federated authentication(Web Single Singn-on) based SharePoint sites, the Web Login Dialog to connect to SharePoint will appear as shown below:


The given credential will be used to connect to the corresponding SharePoint site.


The current process of task will be reported in a new dialog as shown below:


Once the migration task is complete, a new entry will be added in Task History section, where you can view the migration activity performed when the task ran last.