Retry (Re-Import)

Retry is a type of Import task which could  be used when import errors are occurred in the migration task. If you find any Remarks like Incomplete: Ref Activity log in the Task History table you can try this option which reduce your migration time from exporting content to the Temp Storage Location.

Before performing the Retry you should analyze the cause for the migration failure with the help of Import Log and XPlica Error log which is available in the Activity Log Viewer. Find the cause and the relevant remedies for the problem which is described in the Resolution tips. The Resolution Tips is available in the Activity Log viewer.  Once you identify the cause and remedy suggested in the Resolution Tips, Solve the problem and proceed the steps described below.


Select Retry button in Task History action bar as shown below.


The Select the object to Re-Import (Retry) dialog will appear as shown below


Select the entries which you want to perform the Re-Import (Retry) in the above table and click Retry button.

3. The XPlica Task Wizard will guide you through the steps to complete the task settings.

Traverse the XPlica Wizard step completely and click Finish button to create the task, or click Back button to change any task settings.