How to migrate a site or sub-web using XPlica?

To create a task to migrate a site collection from one SharePoint environment to another SharePoint environment follow the steps described below:

1. Start the XPlica Server Agent in respective Source and Destination Servers. Click here for more information about XPlica Server Agent.

Select Quick Content Migration using batch file mode option in XPlica Task Options and Choose Webs option as shown below and  then click OK.


The XPlica Task Wizard appears as shown below


Click Next button.

4. Specify the required SharePoint User Credentials
5. Specify the Batch Descriptor File and complete the relevant settings in it.
6. Specify the General Settings for site or sub-web.
7. Specify the Version Options.
8. Specify the Date And User Information Settings.
9. Specify the User Security And Permission Settings
10. Specify the Web Part Settings
11. Specify the Task Settings

Click Finish button to create the task, or click Back button to change any task settings.