Create Batch Descriptor File

The following section describes the guidelines to create a batch descriptor file for Quick Content Migration using batch file mode task option.


The first row of the batch descriptor file should contain the Field Names as headers. In a migration task, data type of the columns must be the same across all lists. SharePoint Columns that are read-only will not be updated by XPlica.


The first field should be named as 'Source Path' and second field should be named as 'Destination Path'. Other field names  should be followed separated by a delimiter character such as comma (,), semi-colon (;) etc. The delimiter character used in the batch descriptor file should be same as 'List Separator' defined in 'Format' string value available in the registry key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\4\Engines\Text).

The following table shows the equivalent Format string for 'List Separator' in the registry key:

List Separator Equivalent Format String
, (comma) CSVDelimited
; (semi-colon) Delimited(;)
* (asterisk) Delimited(*)

For CSV and TXT formats, all field names and their corresponding metadata values should be enclosed within double quotes (“ ”) e.g., “John Doe”. When using accented characters such as [á é í ó] in folder / file names, the CSV / TXT batch descriptor file must be in UNICODE encoded format.


For Microsoft Excel file formats (XLS / XLSX),  do not enclose the field names and their corresponding metadata values within double quotes.


Ensure date values are in 'Date Only' or 'Date And Time' format.

6 XPlica automatically creates the destination SharePoint object. for e.g you no need to create the destination lists and columns for the Quick Migration task typess.

Lookup data type value will not be assigned in the Quick Migration Task Options.

Sample format of a CSV / TEXT batch descriptor file:

Note: Refer Point #2 for the separator to be used in the batch descriptor file

"Source Path","Destination Path"
"http://rd06:9001/shared documents","http://rd06:9001/sites/mission"