XPlica Server Agent

  XPlica Server Agent is a tool designed to provide a communication between XPlica and SharePoint to migrate contents. Follow the steps described below to use the Quick Migration Task Options of XPlica.

When you launch the  XPlica Server Agent in the server, prompt will appear as shown below:

2. Provide the local admin credentials to launch the 'XPlica Server Agent'.

3. Once you provide the required credentials, the XPlica Server Agent
will be launched as shown below:

4. Enter any port number in the text box above and click Start button to start the service. Once the service
is started the XPlica Server Agent window will be changed as shown below:

5. After starting the service you should enable the port which you specified above in the Windows Firewall. The following steps
will guide you to to enable the port in Windows Firewall.
  I. Steps to add a port in Windows Server 2008 R2 platform.
                 a. Click Start and go to the Control panel.
b. Choose System and security in the Control panel.
c. Next click windows Firewall and then select Advanced Settings.
                 d. Then Select Inbound Rules from the Windows Firewall with advanced security on local computer.
                 e. Click New Rule... and follow the steps specified below in Screen Shorts.


f. Select port in the Rule Type step  of New InBound Rule Wizard and click Next.

g. Then Select TCP and Specific local port options in the following wizard step and click Next.

h. Then choose Allow the connection option in the below wizard step and Click Next.

i. Select the type of profiles for which this rule applies as per the environment where you are
running the XPlica Server Agent and XPlica client applications. Click Next  to proceed.

. Provide any new Name to the rule and description. Click Finish to add a new rule.

II. Steps to add a new port in Windows 2008 platform.

                 a. Click Start and go to the Control panel.
b. Choose windows Firewall from Control panel.

c. Click Allow a program through windows firewall. The new window will appear as shown below:

d. Then Click Add Port... button in the Windows Firewall Settings. The Add Port window
will be appear as shown below.

e. Select TCP and provide any Name and the port number which you have entered in the XPlica Server Agent (e.g. 2006). Click Ok to
add the port.

Now XPlica Server Agent is ready to process migration request from XPlica client application. Then Close all the windows related to Windows Firewall.

: You should do this port configuration for both Source and destination servers. You are not required to add or enable the port every time when you launch XPlica Server Agent.  It is not necessary to use same port numbers in source and destination servers. But it should be identical for XPlica Client and XPlica Server Agent Source and destination as well.