Version Options 

To selectively migrate document / list item versions to the destination location:


The Version Options step appears as shown below:


By default, Migrate latest version only option is selected. List item version settings will be used for all the list items / documents migrated from the source SharePoint list.


 Select any one of the following version settings.

a. Migrate Latest version only - Migrate the latest document / list item version from the source.

b. Migrate version by - Migrate document / list item versions by specifying the range as given below:

Version range - Migrate only document / list item versions specified in the range from the source list e.g., versions 2.0 to 5.0

Last N versions - Migrate only last 'n' versions of the document / list item from the source list, where 'n' is a valid integer value e.g., last 5 versions

Last N days versions - Migrate document / list item versions that were created within last specified days. e.g., last 10 days versions

c. Migrate All versions - Migrate all document / list item versions available in the source list.




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