How to configure a host and VM for data collection?

Click under VM Performance Analyzer module. This will bring up the New Data Collector Task Wizard as displayed below:

Step 1: Select Host and configure counters


To configure a host for analysis, click Click here to Add Host... menu.

Select a host from the list of Configured Hosts drop-down. The list of VMs in the selected host will be displayed in the Select Host/VM drop-down, as shown below:

  1. Select a host/VM. This will display the Performance counters for the selected host/VM in the tree view.
  2. Select the desired counters using the checkboxes.
  3. Click to add the selected counters for the selected host/VMs.

  4. You may also use option to apply the selected counters to the desired VMs.
  5. Use button to remove the selected counters.

Click Next to proceed.

Step 2: Schedule data collection

  1. Enter a unique name for the data collection task and schedule it.

  2. Change the data collection task schedule settings as required.

  3. Select a Sample Interval time at which the selected counters have to be collected.

  4. Use Run At System Startup option as required. To set this option in the scheduled task, the currently logged on user to have administrative privileges. If User Access Control (UAC) is enabled and if the currently logged on user does not have administrative privileges, UAC prompt will appear to elevate the user's privileges.

  5. Click Next to proceed to the final step.

Step 3: Summary

  1. This step displays the summary information of the task.

  2. Click Finish to save the task details. User credential dialog will appear, as shown below:

  3. Specify Run As account and password, click OK to create a Data Collector Task.

  4. The task will be added to Windows Scheduled Tasks and will be displayed in the Collector Tasks window as shown below: