How to register the software?

Once you purchase the software online or through any one of our resellers, you will receive a sale notification through e-mail from our sales department. We will send you an e-mail with the necessary instructions to register the software.

In case you do not receive an e-mail from our sales team after you purchase the software, please send the following information to our sales department at with the sales order number:

  • Company Name: End-user Company Name

  • Location: City & Country for the Company Name given above

Please allow 12 to 24 hours from the time of purchase for our sales department to process your orders.

Register screen

Perform the following steps to register the software:

  1. Download evaluation/trial copy of software from the respective product page available in our website at

  2. Install the software on the desired computer.

  3. You will receive a license key through e-mail as soon as the purchase process is complete.

  4. Click 'Apply' in File -> About -> Register license Key... menu to see the Register dialog (as shown in Image 1).

  5. Copy the license key sent to you through email and paste it in the 'License Key' textbox. For help on how to copy the license key, click 'See example' link in the Register dialog (as shown in Image 2).

 How to copy license key screen

Request License Key:

  • Select Help -> About Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite from File.
  • The About Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite dialog will appear as shown below:

  • About screen

  • Click Request license key... button. The Request License Key dialog will appear as shown below:

  • Request License Key screen

  • Enter the following details and click Submit to place the license key request through email.
    • Contact Name: End-user of the product.

    • Company: End-user Company Name.

    • Email: Email address where the license key has to be sent.

    • Phone: Phone number with country code and area code.

    • Order ID: Order/Transaction ID reference.

    • License Type: License that was purchased.