About Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite


Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite is a powerful solution for auditing, managing and monitoring virtual machines across your entire Windows network. The Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite consists of three modules - the VM Reports module, the VM Performance Analyzer module and the VM Performance Monitor module.

VM Reports Module: With the VM Reports module you can perform a complete scan for all installed VMs in your network. You can perform an automated inventory of VMs and their configuration at regular intervals and keep a constant watch on the health of your Hyper-V Servers. The solution provides a variety of audit reports that are simple, elegant and highly customizable for System Administrators, IT infrastructure Managers and Systems Audit personnel to use and act on.

VM Performance Analyzer Module: With the VM Performance Analyzer module you can analyze the performance history of Hosts and VMs in your network. You can collect performance metrics at regular intervals of time and then analyze these performance metrics over a period of time. You can perform a Trend analysis of various loads by charting the history of important performance variables related to CPU, Memory, IO and Network. The Analyzer module assists you in Capacity Planning of future workloads by letting you analyze current workloads by aggregating data from pre-defined intervals of time such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly subsets of data.

VM Performance Monitor Module: VM Performance Monitor module is a resource monitoring tool that collects performance metrics for Hyper-V hosts and their VMs and lets you monitor important CPU, Memory, IO and Network resources in real time using charts and tables.
Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite has been architected using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, bringing you the best-in-breed reporting solution for your entire Hyper-V Servers. Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite is highly optimized for performance (using native Windows API calls wherever appropriate), resulting in fast data collection of deeply embedded configuration data. Imagine scanning your vast network of Hyper-V servers without having to wait forever to see your reports! You can create data subsets for your network using our powerful scan options and meaningfully segment your entire network for data collection and reporting.