Steps for creating batch file using search results

Select Export SharePoint List contents using the search option option in SPListX Task Options dialog as shown below and click OK.



The SPListX Task Wizard appears as shown below:


Click Next Button


 Specify Search URL Settings

4.  Specify Search Conditions

Click Trial Search button to invoke Trial Search tool. The Trial Search tool will help you perform a live search against the query and help you verify the search results.

The Trial Search Dialog appears as shown below:
  1. Select URL from the URL drop-down.
  2. The SharePoint Login Dialog to connect to SharePoint will appear as shown below. Enter a valid user credential to connect to SharePoint.
  3. Click Search button to perform search.


 Click Save Results button to save the search results.

  •        The Save As dialog appears as shown below


  •  Specify file name and Click OK button.
  •  While saving search results the Trial search dialog appears like this:



Click Yes to launch the file.

Click Close button to close the dialog.

5. Sample Search Result format in CSV

"Title", "Path","Modified Date"
"Purchase"," document/purchase report.xls","2/15/2009"
"Marketing"," document/marketing.ppt","2/15/2009"
"Account Report"," document/Account Report.xls","2/15/2009"
6. Steps to modify the search results.

i) Remove the Columns modified date, title from the file.
ii) Add Destination Path Column and specify the file path.

Sample Batch file format for CSV

“Path”,“Destination Path“
“ document/purchase report.xls“,“C:\My Documents”
" document/marketing.ppt“,“\\vyapinfs\ExportDocs\shared doc contents”
" document/Account Report.xls“,“C:\My Sales\Lists Backup” 

Create a task to Export SharePoint List contents using a batch descriptor file