Document Packaging Options 

Document Packaging helps in storing related documents / contents together in a single file in compressed format. SPListX has the provision to export document sets, document / file versions and file attachments as packaged contents grouped together. Follow the steps outlined below to store multiple document versions, document sets and file attachments grouped together in the file system / file share.


The Document Packaging Options step appears as shown below:



 Select Packaging Settings from the options outlined below:

a.    Do not package documents or file attachments: SPListX will not package the exported documents or file attachments.

b.    Perform document packaging for: Document package will be created for each exported document set, file version and file attachment based on the option selected below. If the file already exists in the package, File Settings options will be applied.




  1. Document sets - This option will package all files stored in the document sets into a single compressed file. The package is created in the same name as the document set.

  2. Documents and its versions - This option will package the documents and its associated versions into a single compressed file. The package is created in the same name as original document or file. The document's versions are exported into the created package based on the settings specified in Versions Settings wizard step.

  3. File Attachments - This option will package each list item's attachment(s) into a single compressed file. The compressed package is created in the name of listitem ID.



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