SharePoint source location 

To specify a SharePoint URL of a site / list / folder location from which you wish to export folders, files and list items including attachments to the file system, perform the steps given below:


The SharePoint source location step appears as shown below:


Specify a valid SharePoint URL in the URL textbox. You can specify a SharePoint site, list or folder location in the URL textbox. SPListX will load the tree view of the source location from the level specified in this textbox.


Specify the Authentication mechanism and credentials to connect to SharePoint using one of the options described below:

a.    Windows or Forms -  SPListX will initiate Windows or Forms authentication using the user account information stored in the user profile or the one entered in the textbox.

b.  Office 365 Cloud Identity - Connects to a SharePoint Online site in Office 365 using the given cloud identity i.e., Office 365 Online User Credential e.g.,

cFederated Identity - Connects to a SharePoint site (On-premise or SharePoint Online) using the federated identity account configured using ADFS. Select this option to connect to Office 365 SharePoint Online sites that are configured using federated identity provider.


Select Add to Favorites checkbox to add the URL to SharePoint Favorites. Click here to view the details about Manage Favorites dialog.


To connect to Office 365's SharePoint Online site that authenticates users using a trusted identity provider, you can select the Federated Identity option and proceed with the login process as shown below:



Upon clicking Next button to proceed, you will be prompted for login credentials (username and password) as shown below:


Provide User ID and Password in the respective textboxes and click Sign in button to proceed.