Batch descriptor file 

You can create a SPListX export task using a batch descriptor file that states the folders and list items to export from the SharePoint list along with the destination file system location to store the exported item. SPListX will export the folders, list items and associated metadata based on the sequential entries in the batch descriptor file.


The Batch descriptor file specification step appears as shown below:


Click (...) button to select the batch descriptor file. The descriptor file can be in any one of the following file formats - Comma delimited (CSV), Microsoft Excel (XLSX) or Text file (TXT).


Click   to see a sample batch descriptor file (such as, Comma delimited (CSV), MS-Excel (XLSX)).


The batch descriptor file will automatically be extracted once the file name is specified. If you are using Microsoft Excel based file format, then select the sheet name to use from the drop-down.


Click (...) to add a hidden sheet name from Excel file in drop down.


Specify the Authentication mechanism and credentials to connect to SharePoint using one of the options described below:

  1. Windows or Forms - SPListX will initiate Windows or Forms authentication using the user account information stored in the user profile or the one entered in the textbox.
  2. Office 365 Cloud Identity - Connects to a SharePoint Online site in Office 365 using the given cloud identity i.e., Office 365 Online User Credential e.g.,
  3. Federated Identity - Connects to a SharePoint site (On-premise or SharePoint Online) using the federated identity account configured using ADFS. Select this option to connect to Office 365 SharePoint Online sites that are configured using federated identity provider.



Click Next to proceed.