Task Status

To view and manage task status of a selected task :

  1. Select Tools > Show Task Status from the main window or Click from Power Reports Actions Pane.
  2. The Task Status dialog appears as shown below :

You can perform the following actions in the Task Status dialog:
  1. Show status for <n> days: Upon clicking Go button, displays task history entries of all tasks that were run within the specified number of days.
  2. Refresh: Reloads the task history entries and updates the newly run tasks (if any).
  3. View log file: Displays activity log of the currently selected task history item.
  4. Remove: Removes the currently selected task history entry and its associated log folders and files.
  5. Remove all: Removes all task history entries and their associated log folders and files that are currently displayed.
  1. Click Close button to close this window.