Power Reports Task Manager
The Power Reports Task Manager allows you to perform the following operations:
Create a new task
Edit an existing task
Copy an existing task
Delete a task
Run the task immediately
Cleanup task history
Task Activity View shows the activity of each scheduled instance.
Click             or select     or press CTRL+M to open the Task Manager window.
Task Manager User Interface
Task List Pane - Lists the tasks created by SharePoint Farm Reporter. You can view the task details when you select / highlight a task.
Report Settings Pane - This pane shows the report settings for the selected task.
History Details Pane - The task history summarizes the scheduled invocation instances of the selected task in a table format. You can refer the 'Task Activity View' to view the details of a specific task schedule instance. You can view the errors in the log file listed in the 'View Log' field.
Schedule Properties Pane - Task Manager shows the schedule properties of the selected task.
Actions Pane - Enables you to perform operations on Tasks. Actions pane is visible by default. You can close it while you do not want to do any operations on the task.
Click Power Reports > Show Actions Pane from the tool bar or select Tools > Power Reports > Show Actions Pane from menu bar or press CTRL+H to activate the actions pane.