Web Application General Settings

Report Category: Configuration Reports

{Web Application General Settings} to view general settings defined for all web applications. Displays the following information. Displays the following information: {Web Application, Default Time Zone, Default Quota Template, Presence Enabled, Maximum Upload Size (in MB), Alerts Enabled, Alerts Limited, Maximum Alerts, RSS Feeds Enabled, Blog API Enabled, Blog API Authentication Enabled, Security Validation Enabled, Security Validation Expires, Security Validation Timeout (in mins), Send Login Credentials By E-Mail, Event Handlers Enabled, Delete Log Entries, Log Retention Period (in days), Recycle Bin Enabled, Recycle Bin Cleanup Enabled, Recycle Bin Retention Period (in days), Second Stage Recycle Bin Quota (in percentage)}.

Field Name


Default Time Zone

SharePoint Farm Reporter gets the default time zone from SharePoint time zone configuration file.