Site Collection Inventory

Report Category: Inventory Reports

{Site Collection Inventory} to view Site Collection Inventory details for all site collections in the web application. Displays the following information: {Site Title, Site URL, Created Date, Modified Date, UI Version, Description, Cumulative Size (in MB), Number of Sub-Webs, Number of Site Groups, Number of Lists, Number of Content Types, Group Name, Group Members}.


Field Name

Last Item Modified Date Displays the date and time when the item of the web was last changed (List Item, Document, web part etc).
Number of Sub-Webs Displays the total number of sub-webs present in the site collection .
Number of Groups Displays the total number of groups present in the site permissions list.
Number of Lists Displays the total number of lists, including the system utilized lists (web part gallery, master page gallery etc.).
Number of Content Types Displays the total number of content types present in the current site collection.