List Visits

Report Category: Usage Reports

{List Visits} to view the list items that are accessed in the last 'N' days or for the given date range. This report displays the following information: {Front-end Web Server, Item URL, Item ID, Total Visit Count, Item Name, Item Visit URL, Visit Count, Action, Visited By, Visited Date, Visited Time}.

Field Name


Item URL

Displays the URL of the item as available in the list.

Total Visit Count

Displays the total number of visits made by all users on different dates on the Item URL.

Item Visit URL

Displays the URL that indicates the action performed (say view list item, view / edit list item property) on the list item.

Visit Count

Displays the number of visits made by all users on different dates based on the Item Visit URL.

List Visits report can be generated for 'Connected List only' scope in Quick Reports. However, in Power Reports you can also use the following report scopes - 'All lists in the connected site' and 'All lists in the connected site and its sub-sites'.

Note: Please make sure that you have configured IIS Log settings to run this report. For more information click here.