Term Store Manager

Using the Term store manager feature, the users can manage all the term store objects (Groups, Termsets, and Terms) present in the SharePoint Farm.

1. To launch SharePoint Information Organizer, please visit Launch SharePoint Information Organizer
2. Click on the Term Store Manager link from the homepage of the SharePoint Information Organizer. On clicking the link, Term Store Manager page will appear as shown below,
3. The page displays the list of term store objects (Groups, Term sets and terms) present in the farm and its properties. The users can manage the term stores using this feature
4. For creating or editing a Term store object, the user can click on the link provided for performing this operation. Create page will appear as shown below,
5. Users can Export the term sets in the form of .csv files, and the exported files can be used to create term sets in other taxonomy groups using the Import option provided.
6. The Term store objects can also be Copied/Moved to a different parent object. For example, termsets from a group can be copied to a different group.