Copy/Merge lists

SharePoint Information Organizer has a feature for merging List Items from one List to another.

1. To launch SharePoint Information Organizer, please visit Launch SharePoint Information Organizer
2. Click on the Copy/Merge lists link from the homepage of the SharePoint Information Organizer. Copy/Merge lists page will appear as shown below. The user can select multiple source Lists to perform this operation.
3. After selecting the source and destination, the user can select a column from the source to map with another column in destination.
4. In overwrite and versioning conditions section, the user can specify an action to perform, if a List Item from source List already exists in the destination.
'Add as a new Item' option is only applicable for Lists and not for Library.
5. In the Lookup list creation section, the user can select whether to create the lookup reference list in the destination, if the list doesn't exist..
6. In the reference column section, the user can select a column from source and that column value will be matched with the Item in the destination to check the existence of the Item in the destination. This section is applicable only for Lists and not for library.
7. The user can also provide filter conditions to perform the merge operation. The Items which match the filter conditions will be copied from source to destination.