Cleanup Users

SharePoint Information Organizer gets the Active Directory details from the user like Domain Controller Name, credentials and User search option and displays the user details that match the criteria and also allows the user to remove the users from Site Collection permanently.

1. To launch SharePoint Information Organizer, please visit Launch SharePoint Information Organizer
2. Click on the Cleanup Users link from the homepage of the SharePoint Information Organizer. The Cleanup Users page will appear as shown below,
3. The Domain Controller name and the Credentials should be entered in the domain details section.
4. Users can also specify the filter query options to refine the search results.
5. The results for this search operation are displayed in the Remove Users page and also this feature allows to select multiple users from the search results for cleanup operation.

Note: This feature allows you to delete the users permanently from the Site Collection. Deleted user account cannot be recycled or retrieved.