Import metadata from Excel to SharePoint Lists

SharePoint Information Organizer has a feature for importing metadata from an Excel file to SharePoint Lists and Libraries.

1. To launch SharePoint Information Organizer, please visit Launch SharePoint Information Organizer
2. Click on the Import metedata to SharePoint lists link from the homepage of the SharePoint Information Organizer. Import metadata to SharePoint Lists page appears as shown below.
3. Browse the Excel file (.xlsx) from the application and click on import button to update the metadata in SharePoint Lists and Libraries.
4. The format of the Excel file to upload should be as given below,
5. The first column of the Excel should be the 'Path' column, which is the URL of the List Item or a File from SharePoint Lists and Libraries.
6. The other Columns will be the field names from the SharePoint List or Library. And the row values should be the metadata values to be updated.
7. The user can also use Export metadata to Excel feature from SharePoint Information Organizer to create the Excel file by selecting the specific Lists and fields to update.
8. User can edit the metadata in the file exported and upload the same to the Import metadata feature.

Note: If the given URL in the Excel is of SharePoint folder, all the items in the folder including the subfolders will be updated to the given field value.