Getting Started

The permissions required for using SP Information Organizer are:

1. The user who installs the SharePoint Information Organizer must be a Farm Administrator, to deploy the solution in the Farm store.
2. If the user creates a new service application pool to create the service instance of the SharePoint Informtion Organizer, with a new managed account, the created managed account should be given permissions to access the content database. To do this, run the script given below in SharePoint management shell.
  $webApp = Get-SPWebApplication "Your web application url"
  $webApp.GrantAccessToProcessIdentity("Created managed account with domain")
  Ex: $webApp = Get-SPWebApplication "http://spsrv2010/"
3. To access the SharePoint Information Organizer application the user must have full control permission in the Site Collection where the application runs.
4. To activate the SharePoint Information Organizer user must be a Farm Administrator.