Permissions required
Here are the permissions required to use all the modules in Vyapin Office 365 Management Suite:
Exchange Online Reports
  • The entered user credential should be a member of one of the following groups,
    1. Organization Management( Microsoft Exchange Security Groups)
    2. Hygiene Management (Microsoft Exchange Security Groups)
    3. Recipient Management (Microsoft Exchange Security Groups)
    4. Records Management (Microsoft Exchange Security Groups)
    5. View-Only Organization Management (Microsoft Exchange Security Groups)
  • The Mail Item reports required ApplicationImpersonation role to access other mailboxes.
SharePoint Online Reports
  • Must be a valid user to view the basic information.
  • Must have Edit or Contribute rights to view content level information.
  • Must have Full Control or Administrator level rights to view security related information.
Audit and Compliance Reports
  • To perform the audit log search you must be assigned View-Only Audit Logs or Audit Logs role in Exchange role groups. By default, these roles are available with the Organization Management role group and Compliance management role group. If you do want to assign these role groups to the user, you can always create a custom role group with either of these roles and add users to them.
Office 365 Export
  • The entered user credential should have ApplicationImpersonation role to access and read data from other mailboxes.
Office 365 Manager
  • The entered user credential should be a Global Administrator to add, remove or modify license assignments.