How to Manage Users?
The Manage Users feature is used to update user license and also other preliminary information such as First Name, Last Name, Designation, City, State, Country, Office Address etc.
To access the feature follow the below steps:-
Click on the Office 365 Manager from the vertical tabs. Then select Manage Users and Groups tab from the available options and click Manage Users.
On selecting, Manage Users from the list, a pop - up window is displayed as shown below:


  • Select the desired user(s) and Click on OK button to display the respective user details.

  • The respective user information along with the license will be displayed as shown below.
  • To edit user information, click on the desired cell. The cell background is changed to yellow, once the cell gets the focus.
    It is then changed to green after information is updated on the particular cell as shown below:-
  • User can select from the list of options for columns such as Designation, Department, City and State as shown below:
  • To change the licence, click on "Select licenses" button. A window is displayed as shown below:-
  • To clear the changes made onto a single user, use refresh button provided at left corner of each row. To undo all the changes made, use "Undo All" button at the right corner of application.
  • Click on the "Update" button to update all the changes made on all the selected users.
    Once the update is successful, an alert will be displayed as shown below: