How to manage Groups?

The Manage Groups feature allows to change owners and members of all the available groups.
To access the feature follow the below steps:-
Click on the Office 365 Manager from the vertical tabs. Then select Manage Users and Groups tab from the available options and click Manage Groups.
On selecting, Manage Groups from the list, a pop - up window is displayed as shown below:

  • Select the desired group(s) and Click OK... button to display the respective group details.

Once the data collection process is complete, the report data will be displayed in a report window as shown below:

To update the members for a group, click on the "Select Members" button of the respective group. A window is shown as below:
To search for a user, type the user name in the provided field at the top of the window and click on the "Search" button.
Likewise to update the owners for a group, click on the "Select Owners" button of the respective group. A window will be shown as below:  
To clear the changes made onto a single group, use refresh button provided at left corner of each row. To undo all the changes made, use "Undo All" button at the right corner of application.
Click on the "Update" button to update all the changes made on all the selected groups.
Once the update is successful, an alert will be displayed as shown below: