How to Manage Mailbox Folder Permissions?
The Mailbox Folder Permissions feature allows you to assign or remove permissions (Owner, Publishing Editor, Editor, Publishing Author, Author, Non-editing Author, Reviewer and Contributor) for the selected users on selected Mailbox folders.
Perform the following steps to Manage Mailbox Folder Permissions:
Select Office 365 Manager from the available vertical tabs. Then from left side of the application, select Mailbox Permissions and then click on Manage Mailbox Folder Permissions.
On selecting "Manage Mailbox Folder Permissions", the list of Mailboxes in your tenant will be displayed as shown below:

  • On selecting the mailboxes/folders from the available mailboxes, then the existing folder permissions will be displayed as shown below:

To assign or remove user permissions for the mailbox/folder, use Add Or Remove option to add or remove users to the list and set the permission level from the dropdown. If None option was chosen from dropdown,
we can set custom permission such as Read, Write, Deleted Items and the other condition as applicable.
Use Apply permissions to sub-folders option to assign the permissions to all the sub-folders.
Click on Apply Permissions to proceed.