Item Search

Using this window, you can refine the item results by specifying item search conditions and also you can save the specified search conditions as a template.

1. Item Search step will appear as shown below:
2. You can select between option Perform a Full Export and Perform an Incremental Export. Selecting Full Export option will export all the items from the selected folders every time. Selecting Incremental Export option will export only the items created or modified after the last export time.
3. Items can be filtered based on its properties. To filter items based on its Received, Sent, Created or Modified time, you can use the Date Range button.
4. To filter items based on Subject or Body, click on the respective button and specify keywords to search for in the text fields provided to filter mail items.
5. To filter items based on the recipients, click on the respective button and select the users to filter mail items corresponding to the selected users.
6. You can also specify search conditions for other properties like categories, read/unread, importance, size and attachments.
7. If you want to save the search conditions as a search query, you can select the New Search Query option and specify a name for the search query by clicking the Save this Search Query button. You can also load item search conditions from Saved Search Queries.