Folder / Folder Type Selection

1. On selecting the New Task -> Mailbox Export from the ribbon of the Task Manager, the following dialog will be shown,
2. If you want to Export the folders from Public Folders, Select Export Public Folders to another mailbox option.
3. You can select between All Public Folders and Specific Public Folders options.
4. If you select Specific Public Folders option folder selection screen will appear as shown below,
5. If you select the Export Mail Items to another mailbox option, Recipient mailboxes selection window will appear as shown below,
6. On clicking Add button, a window will appear which contains all the mailboxes in the specified directory server like shown below,
7. From this window, you can select multiple mailboxes to fetch mail items.
8. On selecting All Mailboxes option you can fetch mail items from all the mailboxes.
9. Folder Search step will appear as shown below:
10. The default option to filter folders is based on its folder types. You can select the types of folders to filter from the entire folder collection available in the server
11. You can also select folders from the list of available folders to fetch mail items.