How to Search Change History?

The Search Change History is a powerful feature that allows you to locate specific events that occurred over a time period and stored in the application's Events History database.

To launch 'Search Change History' window, click menu in the toolbar. The 'Search Change History' window will appear as shown below:

  • Specify the Date range and Event IDs to find in the application’s Events History database. You can also select multiple events for search.

  • You can also perform the events search for the entire database by selecting the All dates in the application database option.

  • Select the desired Host Names to perform your search on.

  • Optionally, you can save this search by specifying a name for your search and clicking on the Save button. This will save the search for a future use. You can thus maintain a list of your saved searches for repeated use in the future.

  • Click Generate button to begin search.

If you want to use an already saved search, select the name of saved search from the drop down list. This will load the saved search’s settings. Once you load a saved search, you may click Generate to perform a search.

After the data collection process is complete, the report would be generated in a report window as shown below: