How to configure a host for data collection?

The Data Collector Settings window allows you to create, edit, delete or view properties of data collection settings configured for the host.

To launch 'Data Collector Settings' window, click menu in the toolbar. The 'Data Collector Settings' window will appear as shown below:

Step 1: Data Collection Settings
  • The application will prompt for your confirmation to add a new host for data collection, if no host is configured for data collection. Click 'Yes' to configure new host for data collection settings or else you can click button to add a new host data collection.

  • This will launch the 'Event Configuration - Add Event Information' window as shown below:

  •      To configure servers or shared folders for data collection, Click Click here to add servers or shared folders link.

  • Select any Event ID available under 'Event IDs' list for which you wish to track change.
Step 2: E-mail Settings
  • Select 'E-mail Settings' tab, to configure email alerts for the selected event IDs as shown below:

  • Select the Send E-mail option to receive E-mail alerts for specific event IDs. E-mail alerts will be sent only for those events for which this option has been set.

  • If you select the Send E-mail, you must specify the values for 'SMTP Server Name', 'Sender', 'Recipients' and 'Send Alerts for every __ events'. Value of 'Description' field can be provided optionally if you wish to append it to the subject of the E-mail. Click OK.

  • The field 'Send Alerts for every __ events' helps to reduce the number of alerts if there are too many events generated (Event Flooding). This also helps to receive a consolidated list of alerts, instead of one alert for each event.

    A sample 'Add Event information' dialog filled with e-mail alerts is shown below:

  • Click 'OK' in 'Event Configuration - Add Event Information' window to complete the process.