About Power Search
The Power Search feature lets you perform powerful, conditional Search queries of NTFS Permissions on Files and Folders. You may select specific permissions from the list of standard permissions and Advanced (special) permissions and run a query to determine who have these permissions on which folders and files. You may Save frequently used queries for reuse them later. Here are some examples of how you may make effective use of this feature:
  1. Search on who has Full Control on which folders and files

  2. Select a set of accounts and determine for which folders and files they have Full control access.

  3. Determine which accounts have modify or delete permissions on critical files and folders.

  4. Determine what type of permissions members of the Administrators group have on specific folders and files.

  5. Determine where Inheritance from Parent folder has been explicitly removed.

  6. Determine Accounts for which folders have explicit Allows or Denys set on them.