How to add servers or shared folders in NTFS Security Auditor and NTFS Change Auditor module?
Click Manually enter share/folder path option to enter the share/folder path details manually.

  • Enter a valid share/folder path.
  • Click Add button to add the share/folder path into the list.
  • Click OK button to add the shared folders.

    Click Select shares from server option to select the shares or shared folders. 

  • Enter valid server name.
  • Deselect the Log on using current user checkbox, if you like to connect to the server using a different user context.
  • Specify a user name and the corresponding password to connect to the specified server.
  • Use Select specific shares option to select the shares, folders or files.

  • Click OK button to add the selected server or shared folders.

    Click Browse Network domains to select Servers and Servers option allows you to select the servers or shares from the listed domains.

              Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite uses either Computer Browser Service or Active Directory Services to enumerate computers in a network. You may use the Use Computer Browser Service option if you have a smaller network, as it may take time for the Browser service to respond to data requests on large networks. The advantage of a Browser service is that it lists only those computers that are currently active/alive on your network.
              You may use the Use Active Directory Services option if you have a large network and you need a quicker enumeration of computers in your domain. However, this option requires that the domain controller is contacted and queried by using an user account. Accordingly, the currently logged on user must have sufficient privileges to connect to a domain controller or you may specify an alternate domain user credential for a domain controller.Select an option for enumerating computers in your domain as shown below:


  • Expand the desired domain to enumerate the list of servers that are available in the domain.
  • Click Add Domains to add a new domain to the domain list. 
  • Use Domain Controllers, Servers and Workstations options to filter the enumeration of computers from the Domain.
  • Click OK to add the selected shared folders.

  • Click Scan profiles option to load the Computers or Shares from Scan Profiles (Computers) and Scan Profiles (Shares).


  • Click Add new profile option link to configure a new Scan Profile for Computers and shares.
  • Select the specified server or shared folders in the list under Scan Profiles option.
  • Click OK to add the selected servers or shared folders.