About Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite

Vyapin NTFS Security Management Suite is a powerful solution for auditing and managing NTFS security across your entire Windows network. The management suite consists of three modules – the NTFS Security Auditor module, the NTFS Security Manager module and the NTFS Change Auditor module.

About NTFS Security Auditor Module

NTFS Security Auditor Module provides a powerful reporting solution for auditing NTFS security across your entire Windows network. NTFS Security Auditor module provides answers to important questions about the security and health of File systems in your servers and workstations.

  • Who has access to what in your Files, Folders and Shares? Is there any unauthorized access?

  • What type of access has been granted? Who can Read, Modify and Delete confidential Files and Folders?

  • Do deleted or unknown users have access to files and folders?

  • Who have been given special/explicit permissions on folders? Do the normal rules such as "inheritance of permissions by folders from parent" apply or have they been broken or subverted?

  • Who have unauthorized access to confidential files and folders indirectly because of nested group membership?

  • Are people sharing folders from their workstations? Are there Shares in workstations that need further security scrutiny?

  • What type of permissions and conditions have been configured for each the Central Access Rules(CAR) in Central Access Policy(CAP) over the domain controller (Windows Server 2012)?

  • Who have access limited permissions by Dynamic Access Control(DAC)/Central Access Policy(CAP) on Which folder?

  • Which shared folders and subfolders (in Windows Server 2012) have been affected/not affected by the Central Access Policy?

With Vyapin’s NTFS Security Auditor Module you can perform a complete security scan of Shares, Folders and Files present in your network. You can perform an automated inventory of permissions on Folders and Files at regular intervals and keep a constant watch on the health of your NTFS security. You can also view the effective DAC (Dynamic Access control) permissions in Windows Server 2012. Our solution provides a variety of audit reports that are simple, elegant and highly customizable for System Administrators, IT infrastructure Managers and Systems Audit personnel to use and act on. There are several powerful, ready-to-use reports that assist in both Management reporting and Compliance reporting requirements such as SOX and HIPAA. Vyapin’s NTFS Security Auditor serves your needs of administrative tasks as well as complex data preparation tasks for assisting in compliance.


About NTFS Security Manager Module

NTFS Security Manager module provides a powerful Management tool for managing NTFS Security across your entire Windows network. NTFS Security Manager module helps to manage the security of Filesystems in your servers and workstations.

  • Grant permissions in bulk for multiple Accounts to your Files, Folders and Shares.

  • Replace existing permissions with new permissions.

  • Remove selected Accounts with all its permissions from the Files, Folders and Shares permissions list.

  • Copy permissions from one File, Folder and Share to bulk of Files, Folders and Shares permissions list.

  • Remove permissions from explicitly assigned Account permissions.

  • Allow or Block inheritance from the parent Share, Folder into the current File, Folder and Share.

  • View and Modify each Account permissions on Shares, Folders and Files.

  • Replace an account with another account in the shared folder/file permissions list.

  • Apply Central Access Policy on shared folder(s)/file(s).

  • Revoke Central Access Policy from the shared folder(s)/file(s).

Vyapin’s NTFS Security Management Suite has been architected using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, bringing you the best-in-breed NTFS reporting and management solution for your entire Windows Network. The software is highly optimized for performance (using native Windows API calls wherever appropriate), resulting in fast data collection of permissions from Shares, Folders and Files. You can create data subsets for your network using powerful scan options and meaningfully segment your entire network for data collection, reporting and managing.


About NTFS Change Auditor Module

NTFS Change Auditor is a monitoring tool to track and audit all changes made to NTFS Shares, Folders and files in your servers and workstations. The tool audits all changes by collecting events in real time from the Security Event log and reporting what exactly changed and when the change was made. The NTFS Change Auditor also maintains a complete history of all changes made.