How to reuse the Copy Permissions template?

The Saved Templates contains the list of saved templates to Grant, Revoke and Copy Permissions.

Click on button. The Saved Templates window will be displayed as shown below.

The saved templates window allows you to perform the following operations:
  • Open an existing template

  • Delete a template

  • Preview the contents of a template

Open an existing Template

  1. To open an existing Copy permissions template, select the Copy permissions template and click Open button in the window. The Copy permissions Dialog will appear on the screen which will allow you to edit the selected template.
  2. During edit operation you can modify the computer list and permissions entries, however, you cannot modify the name of the template.

Delete a template

To delete a Copy permissions template, select a Copy permissions template which you want to delete, and then click Delete button. The selected template will be deleted permanently.

Preview the settings of a Template

To preview the settings of a saved Template, select a saved Copy permissions template, and then click View Details button. The settings will be displayed in a window as shown below: