About External Data Connector

External Data Connector for SharePoint imports data from multiple external data sources, including Databases, SharePoint, CSV, Excel files and mails from Exchange Server / Exchange Online, integrates them into SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries. It supports databases such as SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle and any ODBC compliant database, file sources such as XLSX, CSV and Mail Items from Exchange Server / Exchange Online. The product can integrate data into SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint online in Office 365. The product can also be used to sync/update lists in two different versions of SharePoint, for example, updating lists from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Office 365.

The External Data Connector for SharePoint facilitates:


Integration of external data from multiple sources into SharePoint Lists / Libraries and vice versa.


Integration of Mail Items from Public folders and Message Folders in Exchange Server / Exchange Online into SharePoint Lists / Libraries.


Apply metadata from external data sources to documents in SharePoint library.


Automatic creation of new SharePoint Lists using imported data.


Synchronization of SharePoint and external data through field/column mappings.


Automatic creation of new columns and mappings while creating new Lists using imported data.


Creation of scheduled connections for automatic import and synchronization of external data into SharePoint Lists and Libraries.