List details

To specify the list to add list items from data source, or publish the data to a document library or export to a drive, perform the steps given below:

1. The List details step appears as shown below:
2. If the data from external data source has to be published in a list as list items, select the Publish to list option. Specify the list in which the items has to be added and also specify the action which has to be performed, if the list item already exists in the list. Also, select the option given if the External Data Connector has to synchronize automatically, if the data doesn't exist in data source in subsequent runs. The above mentioned settings are shown below,
3. If the data from the data source has to be published to a document library as a metadata file, select the Publish to library option. Specify the other details like URL of the site to publish, library name, list item settings to avoid redundant items, file name and file format. The file can be published in XLSX, CSV and HTML formats. The above settings mentioned are shown below:
4. If the data from the data source has to be exported to any networked storage including local drive or web folders as a metadata file, select the Export to drive option. Specify the location and format of the file to export by clicking on Save As button. The above settings are shown below: