Technical support

Please send all Technical Support questions to

Please send us the following additional information if you are reporting a problem:

  1. Version of Dockit SharePoint Manager that you are evaluating or you have registered with us. (Version information could be found in the "Activate Product " dialog in "Support" Menu.
  2. Additional services or resource consuming processes/applications (like anti-virus) running in the background on Dockit SharePoint Manager installed computer.
  3. Hardware configuration of the computer where Dockit SharePoint Manager is installed.
  4. "Dockit SharePoint ManagerErrorLog_<date&time-stamp>.txt" available in the common application data path of Dockit SharePoint Manager (e.g., <Application Data Folder>\Dockit SharePoint Manager\Log\Dockit SharePoint ManagerErrorLog_<date&time-stamp>.txt).
  5. Dockit SharePoint Manager jobs Timestamp folder stored in the application data path. For example: <Application Data Folder>\Dockit SharePoint Manager \TaskHistory\<taskname>\<timestamp>.

<Application Data Folder> is the location where Dockit SharePoint Manager jobs and job history is stored in the computer running Dockit SharePoint Manager application. The <Application Data Folder> can be found from Support -> Activate Product screen. The default path of <Application Data Folder> is as follows:

  • Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2008 - C:\Users\Public\Documents

Select Report a problem option from Support menu as shown below.