IIS Log Files Directory

Dockit SharePoint Manager requires IIS Log Files Directory to be configured to generate reports such as List Visits, Page Visits, Page Hits.

Once you configure the SharePoint Farm, the following page will appear:

Click on icon in the top left corner. The following dialog will appear as shown below.

In that dialog, select option from the left menu. The screen will be updated as shown below.

Click to add your IIS Log file directory manually. The following dialog will appear as shown below:


  • In that dialog, enter a Front-end web server name.
  • Enter the IIS Log Path for the specified front-end server. Use UNC format (ex: \\contososerver\c$\inetpub\logs\LogFiles) for log path.
  • Click button to add the server and log directory.

Click Remove button to remove the server and its log directory. During report generation, IIS log files from the configured directories will be processed to generate report for the entire farm.

Click icon to enumerate your IIS Log file directories automatically.