E-mail report
You can email the generated report in Excel format. For email, click button in the top pane in the report window. Email options dialog will appear as shown below:
For e-mailing reports, Dockit SharePoint Manager requires the SMTP Server name, From E-mail Address, To E-mail Addresses (recipients separated by semicolon).
Specify SMTP Server, From Address in the Email Settings page. Enter From Address, To address, Subject, Body of the email.

You can use Check Names feature to validate the recipients’ name. To check the name, click button. If name matches with trusted domain users in the Active directory, name entered in From address text box will be replaced by corresponding Active Directory user.

Dockit SharePoint Manager provides Check Names feature to check the existence of corresponding mail-enabled recipient object in Active Directory. To check name, click button. If the entered name matches with a mail object in the Active Directory / its trusted domain, name entered in From and To addresses will be replaced by the corresponding Active Directory recipient object.

Click button to send the report by email to the selected recipients.