File Settings 

To specify the action to be taken by Dockit 365 Migrator when a file with the same name already exists in the destination location:

1. The File Settings step appears as shown below:


Select any one of the following options given below:

  1. Skip - Skips the file without overwriting.
  2. Replace - Deletes the file from the destination location (along with its version history) and imports the source file.
  3. Create new file - Creates a new file by appending and prepending the user defined characters with the source file name and imports the newly created file. Note: * is the reserved character and denotes incremental index. For example, if a document named 'Sample.docx' already exists in the target location, Dockit 365 Migrator will create a new file with the name as 'Sample1.docx'.

Click on Renaming Rules or > to proceed.