Batch file structure

The following section gives you the guidelines to create a batch file for migrate folders, files and metadata to target Libraries.

The first row of the batch file should contain the following field names as headers. The reserved headers used by Dockit 365 Migrator in batch file are as follows:

  1. Path: The 'Path' column should contain the path of the source document / folder.
  2. Destination Path: The 'Destination Path' column should contain the target location where the source gets moved.
  3. New Folder: The column 'New Folder' is an optional column in the batch descriptor file. Using this column, you can provide the relative path to be created in the respective destination location given under 'Destination Path' column prior to importing the contents. For instance, please see the batch descriptor file snippet given below:
Path Destination Path New Folder
M:\My Document\Sample File.xlsx http://sharepoint/technical documents/folder1 folder2/folder3

Dockit 365 Migrator automatically creates the folders (folder2/folder3) specified in the column 'New Folder' underneath the specified destination location (folder1). The 'Sample File.xlsx' will be imported into the new destination location 'http://sharepoint/technical documents/folder1/folder2/folder3'.

Follow the steps given below to specify the documents to migrate to the target SharePoint Online location in the batch file

1. Drag-n-drop batch file in Batch tab from explorer. It will be shown below

Batch file content will be shown as below.

2. Click Validate button to verify the batch content

Once the validation is complete, click Continue button to proceed for next step. And the batch file content will be added to Items to Migrate tab